Love yourself #wisteriawarrior x

Love yourself #wisteriawarrior x

Hello beautiful people,

Our names are Effie + Nova and we are the founders of Wisteria Boutique. Welcome to our blog. But first a little about us and why we decided to get in front of the camera and share our story.

We are both Mamas, we have 7 beautiful kids between us (ages 2, 5, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11) and Effie is due this month! We run our 3 physical stores, in Beaumaris (home base), Mornington and Camberwell together with our online store whilst juggling motherhood and life. We have a background in buying and LOVE of fashion. There is so much we've learnt along the way since starting our journey 3 years ago which we'd love to share with you along the way but there is one particularly topic that keeps coming up, again and again, that's especially close to our hearts. So that's where we'd like to begin our story.

Since having children, we've both had a love-hate relationship with our bodies. And with each child, coupled with all the physical changes your body endures - before, during and after pregnancy and birth - the emotional rollercoaster starts again. More and more, we started to tune into what we were thinking and often saying, think "OMG, that piece looks amazing on the model but would never suit me", "skinny leg jeans just don't fit me anymore", "do I look fat in this?", "I think I'll cover up my flabby arms, no one wants to see that". We would laugh it off as banter until we realised the impact this negative self-talk was having on our kids, particularly our daughters.

We want our daughters to grow up believing in themselves, in their dreams to be kind, strong, determined beings who love and respect their bodies and themselves and except that boys will do the same. But how can we expect this if we set such a poor examples. We are their role models. Their idols. Their heros. And we're letting them down. Not to mention ourselves.

The more we spoke about it, we realised we see this day in, day out with our customers. So many beautiful women with poor self-esteem and a negative perception of their gorgeous bodies. We wanted to help. We wanted to change our own mindsets and be a part of the solution.

We love seeing our customers leave our store feeling empowered, confident and good about themselves. That's our mission at Wisteria so we're undertaking a couple of BIG projects to make it happen and spread the love.

So we put aside our fears and doubts and stepped in front of the camera with our amazing photographer Katie Fergus to say hey. We hope you love the shots and come along for the journey. Going forward, we want you to tag all your posts relating to Wisteria products, self love and body image with #wisteriawarrior.

Let's do this x

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I have bought more pieces from your store than any other clothing outlet and love love love the style and individuality of all the pieces. So many comments on my dress I bought this summer gone. Also love the fact that the styles are not mass produced so if you see something you like snap it up quick because once it’s gone it’s gone !

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