State of Luxe - Body Positive Campaign

State of Luxe - Body Positive Campaign

State of Luxe is a collection of luxurious and timeless pieces, which are flattering across different shapes and sizes and affordable. The State of Luxe collection has been designed by us, Wisteria Boutique founders, Nova and Effie, because we want to bring an accessible yet stylish staple to your wardrobe. We wanted to create a classic go-to piece, whether paired back with a denim jacket and sneakers or glamed up with heels and topknot, we want women, Mum’s, to always feel good putting on their State of Luxe pieces because they feel confident, comfortable and just a little bit luxe.

The State of Luxe collection was created in a structured, dense knit fabric to suit all shapes and sizes - essentially to provide support and "suck you in" in a size range Small to Large (to fit sizes 6 through to 16).

To celebrate the launch, we created this gorgeous Body Positive campaign, rounding up 5 beautiful Mama's to join us in shoot we hope showcases the versatility of the pieces. We also interviewed each of these babes to hear more about their own body image journey, advice they have for dressing for their respective shapes and what they thought about the collection! We hope you love it as much as we loved creating it for you x


Name: Sam 
Mama to: Eloise, 6 and Nate, 3
What you do: Styling, social media strategy and creative direction, find me at @dunnewithstyle
Size: 8
Body Shape: Me shaped. Because who fits a category really?! But to describe it, in short, small waisted, flat chested (my mum told me that would change when I had kids - nope, 2 kids later and no change!), but far from long twiggy legs!

1) Tell us about your body image journey?
How has it changed (or has it) since becoming a Mama?
Body image has been a strong current throughout my life, but one I've been social pressured into keeping quiet. I'm a size 8, not a tall long legged size 8, a short, small waisted, no boobs size 8. But comments such as 'it must be so easy for you when you can walk in and pick up anything off the rack' or 'but you're so tiny' would shame you into keeping quiet about what how I really felt. Tiny maybe, not tiny maybe - it depends what the comparison is right? But small or not, body image issues don't discriminate. Being a size 8 doesn't mean I wake up in the morning and love what I see in the mirror. You can be a size 8 and have wobbly bits that you don't love, cellulite that you'll never love and bits that feel out of proportion. What we need more of is less judgement, don't judge someone based upon their size, they probably have bits that make them cringe just like you.
Becoming a mum has really brought to light how central our image is in our lives. I clearly remember that moment that I'm sure every mum has thinking 'is this what I'm left with', and even when the baby weight goes, nothing quite goes back into place. But I'm also now acutely aware of the influence our own perceptions play out on our kids, I don't want them growing up in with the social pressures of 'perfect' even when we know that 'perfect' doesn't exists. So it's important to me that now while they're little there's a positive, supportive and in judgemental environment about shape - and that starts with ourselves

2) What is your biggest challenge when shopping for your body type? Any tips for others with a similar shape?
My tip for everyone regardless of size and shape is accentuate the positives. I'm a short, small waisted, no boobs size 8, but my legs are far from long and twiggy! I'm conscious about necklines because the wrong shape can make me look like a flat block, and you'll never find me in tight short skirt - it does my shape no favours.
I stick with the rule of trying everything on, but regardless of how much I love something on the rack unless I put it on, feel good and can look in the mirror and like what I see, it doesn't come home with me. There are so many styles that will come and go that I love, but I love them on someone else because they don't do my body shape justice. And part of moving towards positive perceptions of yourself is feeling good in what you're wearing.

3) What are your thoughts on the new State of Luxe range?
The fabric, oh my!! It's stunning. I couldn't stop touching it when I was first handed a piece. The fabric has a weight to it which makes it feel so smooth when you slide it on. I loved that so many of us could stand in a room in the range with so many different shapes and sizes and it did everyone's shape justice.

​Name: Jacintha
Mama to: Axel 3
What you do: Social Media Agency (@houseofmouse_) and I have just launched a website which is for a community of people who want to change their life (@jacinthaakkerman)
Size: 8
Body Shape: Athletic

1) Tell us about your body image journey? How has it changed (or has it) since becoming a Mama?
Wow I could talk about this forever. For so long I have hated my body. In high school I was 20kgs heavier than I am now. I had zero body confidence. I left high school, quit soft drinks and fell in love with exercise. But I still wasn't respecting my body and partying every weekend. When I became pregnant with Axel I was so focused on how much weight I was putting on I didn't appreciate the miracle that was happening inside of me. When Axel was born I wanted a better life for myself so I quit drinking, I had a few nights here and there but it just cemented to me that I was on the right path. I put on quite a bit of weight when pregnant so I was determined to loose it all but the right way. As time has gone on, especially since becoming a mum, I have learnt to believe in myself and love my body. Stopping drinking combined with meditation and exercise (boxing and yoga) has literally changed my life including my body and soul.

2) What is your biggest challenge when shopping for your body type? Any tips for others with a similar shape?

Length. As I am 6foot (6'4 in some heels), I have always found clothes that are long enough very challenging to find. Pants and dresses are generally too short and if I go a size up they are too baggy. Try the State of Luxe range.

3) What are your thoughts on the new State of Luxe range?

It's SO GORGEOUS!! The Selma dress is divine. The perfect little black dress for any occasion and it's the PERFECT LENGTH. I live in activewear so as soon as I put it on I felt so feminine. I was in love with the entire collection 💛💛💛

Name: Chantelle
Mama to:  Evie, age 2
What you do:  I work in corporate marketing/events, and am about to make a big career change (scary!) working with small and start up businesses.
Size: 12-14
Body Shape: Pear sort of? I've got boobs, a tummy and a booty on a very short bodied frame.

1) Tell us about your body image journey? How has it changed (or has it) since becoming a Mama?

I've always had a love/hate relationship with my body. I go through phases of crazy full on fitness (think: half Ironman triathlon and training 6 days a week) through to doing literally nothing (my current phase haha) and everything in between.
I've definitely learned that what I care most about is having a strong body, that I treat with love and care, that let's me do the things I need to do. My mum was an amazing role model, she never spoke negatively about her body as I was growing up which is something I'll be emualting for my daughter.

2) What is your biggest challenge when shopping for your body type? Any tips for others with a similar shape?

My short body! I wear a lot of dresses for work and either go really baggy and cinch it in the waist with a belt or I opt for the other end of the spectrum and get something quite fitted that will highlight my curves. Ultimately though, my mantra is if I feel comfortable then the rest doesn't matter (appropriate to the situation of course, I don't wear tracksuit pants to a corporate conference!).

3) What are your thoughts on the new State of Luxe range?

It's awesome. The fabric is so flattering and the cuts are modern but not "trendy" so I'll get heaps of wear out of it by dressing it up or down depending on what it's for. Whenever I wear it I get so many compliments (and let's be honest, who doesn't love that).

Mama to: LEVI UDOROVIC 10 months
What you do: Workplace Wellbeing expert at @twosixwellness - help businesses implement Wellbeing programs for staff to lead a happier and more balanced life at work.
Size: 8
Body Shape: Healthy/Strong

1) Tell us about your body image journey? How has it changed (or has it) since becoming a Mama?
Im a pilates instructor, falling pregnant for me taught me a lot about my body. It was fascinating watching the changes and challenging realising I couldn’t do all of the things i was so used to doing. It made me realise that it was more about looking after my body so that I was able to carry this gorgeous being healthily, and preparing my body for what was to come - rather than just looking good. Since becoming a mama I am conscious on eating healthy to sustain my energy throughout the day, and I also want to be a good role model for my baby boy. I believe in leading by example, but everything in moderation - so its not unlikely to catch me chowing down on some chocolate every now and then!!

2) What is your biggest challenge when shopping for your body type? Any tips for others with a similar shape?
I have super short legs and a long torso - for me my jeans are long enough to work as socks as well!! I always have to get them taken up. A tip for activewear is to buy the 7/8th fit - they usually fit me perfectly as full length leggings! Also - I love midi skirts! Wearing them high waisted give your legs an extra few inches!!

3) What are your thoughts on the new State of Luxe range?
EPIC!!! the fabric is divine, feels super “luxe” and expensive yet is priced affordably! The fit makes you feel fabulous! Highly recommend for all shapes and sizes!!

Name: Ina
Mama to: Luka, 2.5
What you do: Creative Director of lifestyle blog Sneakers + Soul (@sneakersandsoul) and Founder of strategy and social media marketing agency, The Kindred List (@thekindredlist)
Size: 8-10
Body Shape: Hourglass

1) Tell us about your body image journey? How has it changed (or has it) since becoming a Mama?

I have been fortunate to have had a positive relationship with my body. I have always been very active and from a young age until my late-twenties rode horses which constantly had me out and about. I think the opportunity to stay fit and active doing something I really loved was a huge contributor. In recent years, since I stopped riding, this has been much more of a challenge. I'm not a gym or exercise person so it's been mostly incidental. I stayed quite active during my pregnancy with Luka and so bounced back to my "size" quite quickly after having him. The one thing that changed massively was that I found myself really untoned and that's still something I'm working on. The one thing pregnancy, and motherhood, taught me was how amazing our bodies truly are - that we must do more to prioritise self care and be kinder to ourselves.

2) What is your biggest challenge when shopping for your body type? Any tips for others with a similar shape?

I have quite big boobs so tops never fit me properly, especially shirts etc. I also have wide hips + a bit of booty but a narrow waist so finding well-fitting jeans/pants can be a challenge. My tips are to always try on clothes first and then when you find a brand/style that you like, roll with it. For example, I'm tall so I wear a lot of drop-crotch cause it balances out my proportions. Also, things like swimwear, always go for separates.

3) What are your thoughts on the new State of Luxe range?

The State of Luxe range is amazing. Nova + Effie have totally nailed a gap in the market for luxe pieces made from great quality fabrics which are still affordable. My fave piece from the range is the Sophia Dress and it works so well dressed up with heels/boots and a leather jacket or paired back with an oversize knit, denim jacket and sneakers (of course!)



Photography by @lizziehalloran

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Self Love by Kim (

Self Love by Kim (

Self Love. It can be tough. Tough to find. Tough to accept your differences. Tough to like what you see. Tough to really love yourself.  Both on the inside. And the outside.

For me. It has been a constant battle my whole life. In my head. My heart. My thoughts.
I self judge. Self doubt. And even. Self loathe.

self love wisteria boutique captain and co

It is no secret that I have body image issues. I have shared how ugh-ew-yuk I think I look. How ugh-ew-yuk I feel. And how I think everyone that looks at me is also thinking that I look ugh. Not a whole love of self-love happening. Ok. None really. Sigh.

I have been on a diet-health-kick-exercise-regime for as long as I can remember. I have trialed them all. I give in easily. Get overwhelmed. Give up.

Just the other day. I was talking to a friend. I said I knew I needed to exercise. But I was too self-conscious. Too self-conscious to join a gym. To go to a group class. To even go for walks. I feel too ‘ugh’ looking in my active wear. And too unfit to get a personal trainer. I said I need to get in shape before I would actually feel confident enough to exercise in public. To exercise in front of other people. Which was a total contradiction. Totally hopeless. Totally pointless. And totally ridiculous.

self love wisteria boutique captain and co

I've always thought of myself as plus size. Actually. No. I have always thought of myself as the wrong size. The wrong shape. The wrong everything.  I look in the mirror and I see ugh. I know there are so many positive things about how I look. And I know it shouldn't be about looks. Self love is about oh-so much more than how someone looks. But I can't help it. I only see my faults. Or what I see as my 'faults'.

My weight varies. I have a goal weight. It is in the 60 kilo range. But realistically. I'm always going to be in the 70 kilo range. Sometimes low 70's. Sometimes high 70's.  Sigh.

I know a lot of mums struggle with their 'mum bod' after babies. But I've always had a mum bod. Even before babies. Not much has changed for me after babies. Maybe a little bit wider. A little bit wobblier. But really. The same same.

I've never had a bikini body. I've never been confident in a bikini. Heck. I'm not even confident in a one-piece. Hells bells no. Beach trips always fill me with fear. Dread. And ugh feelings. Even if its just my family with me. On a deserted beach. It is always a very long, very lonely and very self-conscious walk from the safety of my oversized-tightly-wrapped-around-me towel to the waters edge. Dang.

I know I have to change. Not so much my shape. Or my size. I may never be truly happy with how I look. But I do know I have to change my mindset. I know I need to be happy just the way I am.

I have two beautiful-brave-kind-smart-amazing daughters. And I want them to feel like that forever. I want them to feel confident. Secure. Beautiful. Always. No matter what.

So. For them. And for me. I have been taking small steps to feel better. To feel more confident. To be more confident. I won't be shaking my money maker all over town any time soon. Or sharing bikini photos. Or before and after shots. Heck no. Never.

wisteria boutique captain and co self love

But I will be getting in front of the camera more. I will be letting go of controlling what people see. I will be doing my best to at least like what I see. And not worry about what people think. Or what I think people think. There will a little more walking. A little less junk food.  A whole lot more dressing for my shape. For my age. And maybe. Just maybe. Group exercise classes. Eep.

I may have a long way until I truly embrace and love myself as I am. For who I am. But I am looking forward to the journey. Looking forward to learning to love me. Respect. Enjoy. And be proud of me. All of me. It is something I want to do. Something that I have to do. And something I will do.

Self love.
Soon x

captain and co self love wisteria boutique

Words and photography by


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Love yourself #wisteriawarrior x

Love yourself #wisteriawarrior x

Hello beautiful people,

Our names are Effie + Nova and we are the founders of Wisteria Boutique. Welcome to our blog. But first a little about us and why we decided to get in front of the camera and share our story.

We are both Mamas, we have 7 beautiful kids between us (ages 2, 5, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11) and Effie is due this month! We run our 3 physical stores, in Beaumaris (home base), Mornington and Camberwell together with our online store whilst juggling motherhood and life. We have a background in buying and LOVE of fashion. There is so much we've learnt along the way since starting our journey 3 years ago which we'd love to share with you along the way but there is one particularly topic that keeps coming up, again and again, that's especially close to our hearts. So that's where we'd like to begin our story.

Since having children, we've both had a love-hate relationship with our bodies. And with each child, coupled with all the physical changes your body endures - before, during and after pregnancy and birth - the emotional rollercoaster starts again. More and more, we started to tune into what we were thinking and often saying, think "OMG, that piece looks amazing on the model but would never suit me", "skinny leg jeans just don't fit me anymore", "do I look fat in this?", "I think I'll cover up my flabby arms, no one wants to see that". We would laugh it off as banter until we realised the impact this negative self-talk was having on our kids, particularly our daughters.

We want our daughters to grow up believing in themselves, in their dreams to be kind, strong, determined beings who love and respect their bodies and themselves and except that boys will do the same. But how can we expect this if we set such a poor examples. We are their role models. Their idols. Their heros. And we're letting them down. Not to mention ourselves.

The more we spoke about it, we realised we see this day in, day out with our customers. So many beautiful women with poor self-esteem and a negative perception of their gorgeous bodies. We wanted to help. We wanted to change our own mindsets and be a part of the solution.

We love seeing our customers leave our store feeling empowered, confident and good about themselves. That's our mission at Wisteria so we're undertaking a couple of BIG projects to make it happen and spread the love.

So we put aside our fears and doubts and stepped in front of the camera with our amazing photographer Katie Fergus to say hey. We hope you love the shots and come along for the journey. Going forward, we want you to tag all your posts relating to Wisteria products, self love and body image with #wisteriawarrior.

Let's do this x

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